What we have done

Recent past:

  • Medical – Innovative blood clotting product capable of terminating internal and external body bleeding in conjunction with natural body functions was vetted. – USA
  • Chilean Agro – Farming of fruits and vegetables. Our recognition of the global population explosion, considering current and projected food shortages, has prompted us to explore the upcoming trend toward farming of basic staple foods and upscale foods- Chile.
  • Medical – Genetic sequencing coupled with innovative diagnostic, and monitoring devices, in the face of large governmental budgeted expenditures in Personalized Medicine development, allow us to use our focused base of expert scientific researchers to move forward in this socially and medically meaningful and commercial project.– Europe.
  • Medical – Innovatively produced high energy solid state water particles were examined and explored for uses in immune system boosting properties. – USA
  • Medical – Innovative homeopathic and herbalistic treatments for cancer were vetted for authenticity, clinical evidence, and commercialization– Europe, US and Argentina. – Europe, USA, South America.
  • Sustainable Real Estate Development in the Republic of Panama – Investor group was formed and a management team was assembled. Investor group included a multi-billion dollar real estate development firm. Management team included Edgar Veytia as President and Operations Chief. A “green, sustainable platform was defined and projects proceeded on that basis. – Panama


Medical – Selected Performed Research Projects
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)
    Innovative applications for trauma, diabetes, wound healing, toxic gas removal, etc. were vetted resulting in a large multinational medical conference on HBOT featuring top US experts presenting case histories and interactive problem solving with European neurologists.
    The project consisted of a world wide overview of the history, uses, and technical aspects of HBOT which was published as a book.  A survey was performed of over 200 HBOT sites in Europe with analysis of the responses.  The conclusions of the overview and survey were presented to the client with recommendations for a seminar for doctors, and suggested expert presenters from the USA and Europe.- Europe.
  • Complementary Alternative Medicine
    Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is the term for medical products and practices that are not part of standard care. Standard care is what medical doctors, doctors of osteopathy and allied health professionals, such as registered nurses and physical therapists, practice. Alternative medicine means treatments that you use instead of standard ones. Complementary medicine means nonstandard treatments that you use along with standard ones.  Common examples of CAM therapies are acupuncture , chiropractic and herbal medicines . Total body detoxification, hyperthermia, insulin potentiated therapy are among the advanced methods of CAM. – Europe.
  • Total body detox
    Task: Identify a subject with a life threatening disease, identify and enroll a subject for the detox;  to observe the detoxification and it’s methodology and determine if detoxification was effective in improving the therapy for the subject’s disease.  The detoxification object was to relieve the body of metals, toxins from food additive chemicals and chemical pesticides, and any toxins stored in the fat of the body, intestines, liver, pancreas, and other organs. – Europe.
  • Electro Magnetic Vibratory Medicine
    Task: Identify a world class expert in electromagnetic (vibratory) medicine who has demonstrated success in resolving multiple indications using vibratory medicine, choose a subject, and observe the diagnostic and resolution process with follow up to ascertain lasting effects.  Electro Dermal Screening was chosen as the diagnostic element and the solution to be applied to the subject’s indications. – Europe.
  • Homeopathic remedy for life threatening diseases
    Task: Identify a homeopathic remedy which is in the forefront of treatment for several life threatening diseases, locate and enlist the owners of the remedy to assist in and track clinical trials of the homeopathic remedy. – Europe.
  • Elixirs Tonics & Teas – a high-end consumer life-style brand that included Traditional Chinese herbal formulas, all-natural and animal-free, plus a line of tonic, all-natural functional beverages for the service trade. The brand was sold to strategic partner, EYS, a publically traded Singapore company. – USA.