Michael A. Morton


A respected visionary, Michael organized and chaired an international roundtable on the future of medicine as well as co-chaired the “Helping Heal the Whole Person and the Whole World” conference with more than 1,000 delegates from 28 countries.  He co-founded the American Holistic Health Association, is the founding executive director of the awarding winning charity Nourish America, and has served on numerous boards.

While a senior program officer at the prestigious Fetzer Institute, Michael was responsible for recommending and monitoring funded programs in complementary and alternative medicine and healthcare, education as well as programs addressing exceptional human capabilities, the transpersonal and spiritual aspects of life. As an author, his book Five Steps to Selecting the Best Alternative Medicine (New World Library, 1997) a Double Day Book Club Selection that received praise and endorsements from the professional health care community as a major contribution to the field. 

Michael has received praise over the years for his work in the areas of homeless services, community based mental health, and in working with the underserved and at-risk populations. Under a special mandate from the governor of California, Michael Morton designed and successfully implemented two innovative model programs for the mentally ill homeless. He brought record numbers of homeless to homes and jobs while serving as the Director of Homeless Services for the Economic Opportunity Commission of San Luis Obispo County in California. During his tenure, one of his programs was awarded the California Healthy Cities and Communities Special Achievement Award as well as the Outstanding Achievement Award by The United States Conference of Mayors as a model of effective collaboration. He also designed and implemented a residential treatment program for children and adolescents in New Mexico that became the model for assessing other such state funded programs.

He was the principal consultant of a redesign initiative of the Human Resource Division at Storage Technology and has successfully consulted and advised a wide of clients in the non-profit and for-profit sectors as well as colleges and municipal government.  He served as a special advisor to the president of United Way of America.

Most recently, under his leadership, Nourish America has received numerous awards including the California Association of Non-Profits (CAN) prestigious “Impact Award” for “Its creative and collaborative work fighting malnutrition nationwide truly representing the best of nonprofit thinking, resources and action.”, and the “Celebrating Excellence Award” from the Campaign for Better Health and Citizens for Health.  As a result of his work, Nourish America was awarded a special ear mark appropriation from the U.S. Congress through the Department of Education and he personally received the Nutrition Business Journals “Business Achievement Award” in 2005 and their “Charity Services Award” in 2006.
Michael holds a Doctorate in Psychology and is a California licensed marriage, family and child counselor as well as a trained mediator and served on the Oak Grove School Board in Ojai, California and has taught at the Masters level in psychology and counseling at several colleges.

Currently, he serves on the Crime, Substance Abuse, and Terrorism Task Force of the National Foundation of Women Legislators.  In that role he served as a delegate in the hemispheric dialogues between the United States, Canada and Mexico addressing related policy issues and legislative priorities.