Our team

Dr. Elie A.

Holds degrees from Universities including: biological and psychosocial aspects of stress and trauma (Paris V), prison Medicine (Paris VII), HIV disease (Paris V) and Predictive Medicine (Clermont-Ferrand).  He also practices biostimulation, neuroacupuncture, traditional acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal medicine and Chinese medicine. He is a member of the French Society of Disaster Medicine, the American College for Advancement in Medicine, the American College of Anti-Aging Medicine, is president of the International Association for Progress of Medicine and Health, and President of the Association for Forum for Life.

He has discovered a new approach to diagnosis and therapy which is more open and is accompanied by improved quality of life, and knows that stress is not just a leak or emotional harm, but must take into account the biological changes, immune, neurological and Biocybernetics of everyone.

These discoveries underscore understanding the components of our emotions to go to our emotional intelligence, understanding the contribution of medicine biocybernetics in supporting complementary and indispensable diseases euphemistically called “heavy” or “degenerative”, and understanding the challenges of biopsychology in twenty-first century medicine.

Julie T.

Has thirty years experience as a writer and editor including publication to the Eastern Psychological Association, and Alternatives Magazine; and, has published research in the Journal of Traditional Acupuncture.

As a graduate of the College of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture she maintained a private practice, taught acupuncture, and participated in national and state legislation pertaining to Acupuncture in states in the USA. She has run clinical research, and has worked directly with the National Institute of Health, the FDA, private sector entities, and the US Patent Office, and National Herbal Governing Boards.  She initiated and presented a study to the US Army on the cost effectiveness of Alternative Medicine.

Michaela V.

Has degrees in Chemistry and has Clinical trial monitoring experience in phase II, III, and IV, site selection, study drug shipments to different countries, trial initiation, monitoring, motivation visits, co-monitoring visits and site closure, coordinating and communication with the ethics committee, submissions to Ethics committees and Regulatory Authority in Slovakia and Czech Republic, Russia and Ukraine, SAE reporting, and audits is supported by her linguistic abilities.

In six years her senior CRA experience, strong clinical field and laboratory research skills, excellent interpersonal and organizational skills and attention to detail with report review and CRO coordination, presenting trial protocols, presenting at international investigator’s meetings, and experience with training people without any clinical research experience, makes her ideal for any trial situation.

Edna W.

Has a background education in analytical science, and holds an interdisciplinary Ph.D encompassing aspects of theoretical physical chemistry to analytical design and characterisation of sensor for detection of multi drug resistant bacteria’s – with peer reviewed publications in internationally recognised scientific journals.  As part of her post-doctorate experience she has assisted in design of analytical sampling methods for primary research projects involving cold temperature studies to delay onset of traumatic brain injury due to cardiac arrest as a interdisciplinary project between the A&E department and chemistry laboratories in Vienna, both her Ph.D and post doctorate were funded through self obtain scholarships from Spanish ministry for Science and Education and the Austrian National Bank.

In more recent years her focus has been in the editorial and dissemination of scientific concepts and communication of core medical issues directed at a young non scientific audience with the hope of making essential science concepts more understanding. Her experience in scientific writing of factual information expanded in the direction of project management and  project writing for medical teams where clinical trials are planned with focus given to ethics, and statistical evaluation of methodology. She additionally lectures in statistics, mathematics and data analysis to third level students taking bachelor and master courses in areas of management and business.

Her understanding of the fundamentals concepts of scientific topics through years of reading, laboratory experiments and as part of an interdisciplinary team of researchers in additional to skills gained in editorial, writing, and communication of topics makes her ideal for working in an area involving complementary and alternative medicines from a factual and accurate communication approach.