What drives us

Our Raison d’être, why we do what we do…

We are passionately energized by businesses and projects that facilitate and improve the quality of human life.

In 2009, a group of high net worth investors asked Bernard Pracko to tap his Rolodex to find out what he could about a particular business opportunity. The results were quick and beyond all expectations. Soon, a formal alliance was formed. Bernard formed Research and Management Limited (RM) to structure the growing demand from these and other investors for sophisticated and often, time-critical explorations. 

Today, RM, is a robust incubator of ideas, in varying stages of maturity. The original investor group continues to assign exploratory missions to RM, some of which are developed into full-business plan investment instruments complete with sophisticated business modeling, staffing solutions, growth and exit strategies. RM now provides its core competencies to other clients and in some cases develops agnostic business opportunities not tailored to a specific investment group’s criteria open to any qualified investment group.  

Though the RM resource pool has grown beyond Bernard’s Rolodex, the company remains anchored solidly in timeless guiding principles.  Though focused solidly on developing high-return investment opportunities, innovators and their projects must rise to high standards of development and core principles.   

  • RM seeks business ventures which improve the health and well-being of those affected by any projects spawned and evolved through the incubation process. Health and well-being are strong markers against which opportunities are weighed. Best practices are researched and brought into the equation with how best to achieve the stated goals.  
  • RM seeks projects that are far along the sustainability continuum. Some industry sectors are farther along than others. Each opportunity is weighed against practical and ideal industry standards and capabilities.   
  • RM seeks strategically relevant opportunities that produce significant returns for investors.