Who we are

Who, what, why, to what end?

Research and Management Limited is a small, global, multi-national group of seasoned professional entrepreneurs that identify and select projects, perform diligence, and develop business opportunities from them in concert with international legal and tax counsel. RM then acts as the managing partner with clients and investor groups that fund the projects.

Research and Management Limited is a Hong Kong, limited liability Company founded in 2010.
Our firm is located in Hong Kong, with easy access to Singapore and South East Asian capital and markets.  Our projects are managed globally by strategically located partners.
Operations are generally managed by Bernard Pracko, Director.

Research and Management Limited– develops strategic and investment-based partnerships with individuals and seasoned investor groups on a project-by-project basis. Partnerships are formed around personal referrals only and include individual as well as institutional investors. Existing partners on current projects represent a combined asset base in excess of two billion dollars.

Our Team

Global Operations

Bernard Pracko

European Operations

Lewis Baird – Affiliate

South American Operations

Edgar Veytia – Affiliate

Global Technical Operations

Paul Schlarman – Affiliate

Support Team

Non-Profit Advisory

Michael Morton

Global Accountancy

PKF International

International Tax Counsel

John I. Forry

Scientific Advisors

Jan Kyselovic